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This month we take a look at Benchmark as she undergoes a thorough restoration, Wings is also undergoing restoration work and we look at her progress. 

Benchmark  is a 30 sqm yacht which was converted into a motorized cruising yacht sometime back in the 1960s. In 2005 she was purchased by Carl Koerner in Sydney. From there she was taken to San Diego where she is currently undergoing a full  restoration at Koehler Kraft on Shelter Island. 

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Benchmark being slipped at Shelter Island

Benchmark eased slowly into the trailer 

Class all Class!!

Benchmark makes it into the work shed to begin her restoration.


Next month on the Story of Benchmark. She is stripped back to timber for an assessment....




The progress on Wings has spanned just over 18 months.

She is a part time project on the water which presents its own challenges but her location makes the work much more enjoyable.

Located in a less populated area of Middle Harbour she is surrounded by hills and bush land. 


This was taken on the first day I visited the boat in December 07 before purchase when she was in Lake Macquarie, NSW.

At this point my eyes are too busy visualizing the dream. 

No regrets, but I wish I knew about the 2.37 rule then.

(For every job multiply everything by 2.37) It helps get things into a realistic Perspective. Thanks Manfred for telling me that one.


No surprises under the paint thankfully just a nice layer of glass.. Any unused holes where plugged. 

The repaint with a hard 2 pot white mixed with grip sand.

The forward hatch is varnished and the new teak tow rails are fitted.

Next month Wings is slipped and we go below...


                      The Australian Fleet

There is an impressive array of square metre yachts in Australia and more yet to be discovered. Over the month of July we have gathered a great deal of information on the Australian Fleet and where the yachts sails from.

New South Wales which was once the hub of square metre racing still hosts a sizable fleet. These are the yachts currently sailing in NSW.

Fagel Grip, Fidelis, Flamingo                          KA2,

Larool, Rouseabout, Scarlett O'Hara, Wings, Zephyrus,

and Caress in Lake Macquarie

Perth has a long history with square metre yachts.

With Flame  out of action as she is undergoing restoration, it's four yachts ready to sail in Perth.

Bacchante, Joyous, Sue Anne, The Lady in Red.

Victoria and South Australia are states with great potential and we hope to expand our knowlege of square metre or square metre inspired boats in those regions. They have a sizable Tumlaren fleet that would be good to race with.  

The yachts of South Australia and Victoria,

Teal currently she resides in Melbourne and she has a new custodian.

Pastime II which is a wonderful locally built and designed yacht based on square metre lines, currently sailing out of Melbourne.

Queensland has been introduced to this wonderful class in the late 1970s through the introduction of Typhoon.


All the other vessels are out of action or have yet to be tracked down except for Pinchgut and Benchmark as they have left our fair shores.

We hope to increase our fleet numbers so if you can offer any information on square metre yachts or inspired designs we would love to her from you. 

please email us at




                                From the Archives...


Working down the list of boats we start with the research of the Yacht Bacchante. We look into her early years when she first hit the waters of Sydney Harbour sailing out of the RSYS.

Visit her page to view her articles dated back to the late 1930's

A by product of her research revealed the 30sqm Aeolus which will feature in the next (From the Archives). 

I also came across this wonderful article published in April 1963.