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Class : 30sqm

Reimers Design

Built in Tasmania

Launched in 1938

Length : 43'
Beam 7'9"
Draught 4'6"

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ASQMA Merchandise

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Available in all sizes and colours

Caps $20.00


100% Cotton Polo Shirt $35.00


 Dress Shirt $50.00

Jackets or any other embroided items are available upon request. Postage costs within Australia will be applied.

Square Metre Yacht Calendars

Just over a meter wide these wonderful calendars are magnificent with beautiful large prints of square metre yachts.

The calendars are timeless as the year is not listed on the pages.

2006 - 2010

$70.00 each

Postage costs within Australia will be applied.


"The World of Square Metres"

Written in English this book is a comprehensive book covering a large number of square metre yachts and their stories from around the world including Australia


Postage costs within Australia will be applied.

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