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SASC Classic Rally..

Held on Saturday 17th of April at the Sydney Armatures Yacht Club

A big event for the ASQMA yachts with 2 Skippers flying in from Perth, one from Queensland and one from Singapore.

This regatta has its own metre yacht division for metre inspired designs and metre yachts. Plenty of eye candy.

I you are interested in attending please contact us at

We Look forward to seeing you there..


On the water..

The Sydney Harbour Audi Regatta took place last month with a strong nor easter hitting the fleet,  heavy gusts caused havoc and exciting racing. The 30 sqm Scarlet O'hara powered through the large mixed fleet and Rob Skol and his crew worked the yacht hard to cross the line in first place for division two...

Congratulations to Rob Skol and the hard working crew of Scarlett O'hara. 

It looks like it was quite a ride!


More to this story in our Video of the month section at the bottom of the page.


Around the Yards..

The lovely Larool is in the shed for some repairs and a few interesting modifications. This is taking place over the next few months with deck repairs and an electric drive system to be installed. The work is being carried out in the Chowder Bay Boatshed with the reputable Simon Sadubin and his team carrying out the work.  For more information on the past work carried out by this team visit their website, its worth a look.


This is Larool sitting on her mooring before heading of to the slip. 

The reflections of light from her nice hull finish and the solid white waterline are long standing trademarks of Larool as the shipwrights take stock of her and begin the work.

She looks to be in good hands and I look forward to her progress in the coming months.

From the Archives..

The ASQMA is very lucky to have the support and help from the generous people who have provided us with the rich history of this class for you to enjoy. Thanks go out to John Hutcherson and Dr Peter Geddes for providing these fantastic photos.

The Geddes collection is from the 1960's to 70's era and consist of 10 placemats with 10 different yachts featured from the square metre fleet of that Period. 

The Hutcherson collection was also from this period with collection of 35 slides that are of the fleet racing with some fantastic shots. 

We will showcase a few from both collections each month.

This month in light of Larool's recent activity I though we could start with her images.

Below is Larool form the Geddes collection

Below is a wonderful profile shot of Larool from the Hutcherson Collection.



Video of the month..

Top of the list this month are two videos featuring Scarlet O'hara and her crew on 2 separate occasions.


The first is out at Eastern Creek to race an Audi TTS as a result of Scarlett O'hara's win at the Audi regatta. 

The winner of each division gets to race a new Audi A4. The fastest time on the course gets to keep the car. This short clip features a few moments from Grainne's race .



Unfortunately she did not win but I was glad to hear the car went to the owner of another classic design. A Dragon class yacht called Indulgence.



The next video is the Australian SQM Scarlet O'hara sailing in the last RANSA series race.


These videos are embedded from


Now we travel across the globe to Euroupe where we take a look at the 30sqm yacht Zaca 

Built in 1947 with the sail number Z13. Designed and built at the Lake of Zurich, Switzerland. 

For more restoration photos visit her web site.  To translate this site into English, copy and paste this link into google and click search. Then click on the translate option.