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Larool as most of you will know is undergoing restoration work in the Chowder Bay

Boat Shed. Well worth a visit if you have the time,



New deck beams are installed and the old ones a stripped and varnished.



You can never have enough clamps.!



The new ply decking is measured and cut. The ply wood is then coated with a liquid sealant before its ready for fitting.



The front section is ready for the new decking which is to be laid in stages with a teak veneer to be applied later .



With the front section almost complete the work can start on the rear section starting with removing the old decks off the next job.

Next month we will also see progress on the electric drive system.


Spotlight on Typhoon

Launch Date : 1939

LOL 44'6"

Beam 7'


Based on the infulences of the Uffa Fox designed 30 square metre yacht Sea Swallow she was Launched in 1939 by Les Steel in Lake Macquarie.



This photo is from the Geddes collection.

She was built with spotted gum and oregan pine construction. Extremely well built she is a fine looking vessel and the only square metre boat in Queensland.

Records from 1952 show her sailing on Sydney Harbour under the ownership of P . J Mulhearn. In 1953 she changes owenership to Sam E Stirling who continues to race her in Sydney.

Sunday 1st of Feb 1953 she runs into trouble and perhaps this is the catalyst to her being sold to Sam Stirling or perhaps Sam is still getting used to the yacht when this incedent occurs.



Bill Ewing purchased Typhoon in 1979




Over a period of years, he totally refurbished her with an extensive renovation and strengthening process. 



She lives at RQYS Manly and Bill has enjoyed every bit of his long custodianship and still sails her on occasion. A few modifications has allowed Bill to easily sail her single handed and he has entered her in the occasional offshore racing events. 


Typhoon is currently for sale. 

If you are inspired by her and feel you are willing to be a good custodian for Typhoon please contact us at

If you have any further information regarding the history of Typhoon we would love to hear from you.



Video of the month..

Sailing a unique S150 in Stockholm Archipelago


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