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SASC Classic Rally..!!!



<<<  PERFECT DAY  >>>

These are just some of the comments I have received.

SASC  ran a wonderful event and the yachts and participants were of a high caliber.



The Concur De Elegance took place in the morning at wonderful venue and atmosphere of the Sydney Amateurs Yacht Club.


Fidelis a yacht built on the plans of a 75 SQM with some alterations to the design. She was one of the place holders in the 2010 Concur De Elegance. 

Alongside her in fine condition the wonderful 30sqm Fagel Grip which arrived with her crew all dressed in sailing whites..  A wonderful sight to behold.. 


On the other side of the Pontoon we have the 30sqm Scarlett O'hara looking sleek as ever.

Behind her is these two lovely yachts.

Flying the red flag is the 8 metre yacht Josaphine and next to her the Alan Payne designed yacht Karalee.

Just behind those two is another jaw dropping yacht, Antara.


Juana a striking 8mtr yacht.. Recently built and a place holder in the Concur De Elegance. 

Off the bow of Juana we see one of the local yachts, Eudoria another metre inspired design.


Tanami is a wonderful metre inspired yacht maintained to a very high standard.

She was the winner of the Concur De Elegance. 


Just across from Tanami we find the 30sqm Wings. Wings makes her first appearance at the SASC after more than ten years of absence.  

Couldn't have picked a better day for her reemergence..


Fantastic company and some of the finest yachts you would ever see on the water in one place. The day was picture perfect!

With perfect sunshine and a 10 knot breeze the yachts set off to the start line.

Fagel Grip heads out to the start line just out from the clubhouse.

Jerry Lees the skipper of Fagel Grip is dressed for battle...

A fine day as the two wooden 30sqm yachts cross in front of Scarlett O'hara.

Wings calculating the run to the start line with Cameron Wiklund at the helm and  the two visiting square metre yacht skippers from Perth crewing, Manfred Speicher and Kim Roberts.

Not long after the start Scarlett O'hara raced ahead without giving me time to take her photo but she was closely followed by the 1964 Sydney to Hobart winner Fidelis, skippered by Nigel Stoke. Onboard was the skipper of the 30sqm Typhoon (Bill Ewing) who had flown in from Queensland.


Fagel Grip takes the low angle in close to shore which pays off when she reaches the top mark ahead of Wings.

Manfred takes the role of the spinnaker pole in this non spinnaker event.

The 8 metre Juana skippered by Graeme Wood. What a day it was...

With Scarlett O'hara too far ahead for my lens, her next photo is taken on the dock.

A fine effort by the skipper and crew of Scarett O'Hara to win the event.

Good times, great people,  the event was the highlight of the year for the ASQMA. It has fueled the enthusiasm behind our goals to see more of these fine yachts sail together in the near future.


Around the Yards..

Paid a visit to the wonderful Larool. It was worth it to see these lovely monel frames..

The interior is stripped and varnished



The top plank has a few holes to be filled and it the worst areas new sections are scarfed in.



The new deck beams are fitted and up in the front the section where the front stay meets the deck the beam is cut and a box section fitted to accommodate a below deck furler. 


I think she needs a few more holes in that framework it looks far too heavy...

Nice bit of engineering work.


Just a superb design which has kept this yacht in such good shape.


The front deck will be laid next week I will keep you all posted with her progress.


Video of the month..

The 95 Square Metre Gerdny built in 1920 at Hasselströms Warf, Sweden.

The Gerdny Presentation


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