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The 1 Year Anniversary of ASQMA.

The Best of Square Metre Yacht Silver.

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The 1 Year Anniversary of ASQMA!

With friendships made, Yachts returning to the water renewed, and stories aplenty, it has been a most enjoyable year for myself and the Vice President Manfred Speicher of ASQMA. 

The fascination with this class creates a stir with yachties all over the world. We would like to thank all of those people who have contacted us with their stories and we look forward to reaching out to more people in the coming year.

The website has been a great success with 165,000 hits for the year and we hope the new website will better service the needs of ASQMA moving forward.
With many updates applied to the yacht profiles I would encourage you to visit these pages.

The summer sailing season approaches, so its time to get the hibernating yachts ready. For anyone who wishes to crew on these lovely yachts send us an email and we will add you to the crew list.

We hope you enjoy the new website and look forward to another great year of everything and anything to do with Square Metre Yachts.

Cameron Wiklund
Manfred Speicher

President and Vice of ASQMA

The Best of Square Metre Yacht Silver.

Recently we were contacted by David Potter.
David's late father-in-law crewed for John Hopcraft once in a local "Round the Island" race and remembered him as a most vocal helmsman !!

John Hopcraft was the first owner of the yacht Teal which was a highly successful yacht winning many events in English waters and later in Australian waters.
In 1938 John Hopcraft and his crew pushed Teal hard in the Round the Isle of Wright Race.  She raced against many craft of varied types with 49 entries under 25 tons and five entries over 25 tons.

 With strong winds and choppy seas she managed to complete the race in 8hr 6mins with an average speed of 7.5 knots. Teals crew for the 1938 season had obviously been through some inspiring moments to take the time and expense of having a 10 inch long silver model of Teal created which was presented to John Hopcraft.

David Potter found the model in a jeweler's shop window and has taken the time to contact us to let us know that the model is currently for sale for 6,000 Pounds.

The inscription on the plaque reads,

To John Hopcraft
in memory of "Teal"
champion of the 30 square metre class 1938
25 firsts, 7 seconds, 4 thirds
from the amateur crew who, although disgracefully bullied,
had a most enjoyable season.

ASQMA has its own trophy.

This has been kindly presented to us by Garth and Maggie Stewart.
Garth and Maggie continue to contribute this class of yacht with the organisation of the last metre yacht event at the SASC.
Garth Stewart previously the president of the NSW square metre yacht association has sailed 30sqm yachts for many years and his track record of wins throughout his time spent sailing Teal, Pinchgut are numerous!
We would like to thank them both very much for the fantastic half model.

This is an image of what the model looked like.
The model we have has aged and will requre some restoration work.

Around the Yards.

Larools Progress continues

The new deck is laid.

The underside is a work of art complemented by the new deck...
The superb Monel frame with the running backstay mount shows the high level of design that went into her construction.

The deck is prepared to fit the teak overlay

The stern on these yachts are always areas that need attention from dings.

The substantial bow fitting is polished and refitted.

A plan to fit a furling genoa is part of Larools modifications.

A wonderful restoration on a yacht that is truly a work of art.

From the Archives

There has been some debate in the past and present over which is the oldest square metre yacht in the fleet. We do have a yacht called Wanda in our pages which can claim the title of oldest yacht listed in our website but it is debatable that she is not a square metre yacht but a design that has many similarities. The title of "Oldest Square Metre Yacht" to be built in Australia was previously narrowed down to four yachts. Aeolus, Bacchante, Lewan and White Wings.

Aeolus was discovered last year racing Bacchante in the 1938-39 period but her sail number of 22 was higher than that of Bacchante which was 19 so we suspected Bacchante was older than Aeolus.
Wings has her records point to a launch date of 1938 in Lake Macquarie which puts her 1 year later than the proposed date of 1937 for Lewan and Bacchante.

Recent digging has reveled this article of Lewan

Article printed 7th of December 1938


Later this article of Bacchante and Aeolus is found

12th of November 1937

In another article Aeolus is launched 1 week later.

It must have been exciting times to have 2 new 30sqm yachts to hit the water and race for the first time on Sydney Harbour. For more on the photos taken during that period visit the yacht profiles for both of these yachts.



Video of the Month...

Fagel Grip in a stiff breeze