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The Launching of Larool

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The Launching of Larool

Tuesday the 24th of August at 8.30am Larool completes her time in the fabulous Chowder Bay Boat Shed.


The day was picture perfect with very little wind and with plenty of sunshine. Larool fits perfectly in this shed which is located at the what used to be the Naval base for laying submarine mines during WWII. Well worth a visit the area is open to the public with a few great restaurants and cafes.

Looking forward from the mast step the new teak decking sets off the varnish work nicely.

The modern furling system with the wooden mount is fitted in such a way that it doesn't detract from her classic look.

The new shaft with a folding prop.

The time had come to see her launching. She was a sight that stopped the small amount of people passing by.

She floats on her lines nicely and the job of putting her through her paces begins..

The instructions begin while the deck hand keeps a comfortable lookout on the forward deck.. Take note of the new nav light propping up the hatch. She is now fitted with internal lighting throughout the inside of the yacht. Other additions include a new bilge pump system.

The boat builder Simon Sadubin is in the foreground of the above picture in the cockpit giving instructions. The owner (to his left) Tjek Dusseldorp is more than pleased with her performance.

A small wash helps illustrate her impressive speed. She was doing  6.7 knots at full speed and with energy conservation in mind she buttons off to a comfortable cruising speed of around 4.5 knots.

I can foresee a ASQMA official will be needed to verify her silent drive system is not engaged while she is racing.  Any takers for the job!

You'll have to wait in line..

The rather short timber rig was not a result of blowing her budget but a temporary rig for her full length covers until her normal rig is ready.

Tjek Dusseldorp's goal to make his yacht more versatile and easy to use so his family could become more involved with the yacht, has been achieved. Larool has been in the Dusseldorp family for many great years and it with her improvements it looks like she will continue to be in the family for many more.


For more information on Larool visit her Yacht Profile.




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