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Revisiting 2010 Highlights.
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Syndicate Program..

Would you like to own a sqm yacht? If so you would benefit from sharing time and resources to  maintain and race a sqm yacht. We are facilitating a Syndicate Program. With 4 yachts currently available with different requirements to be able to get them out on the water we have a good selection to choose from. These yachts don't come on the market too often. With interest in class growing it is a good opportunity to get involved in a yacht that will inspire some of the best moments you can have on the water.

If you have an interest in joining a Syndicate please email us with your details and I will  contact you with the possibilities based on your interests.

Revisiting 2010 Highlights

January 2010 we see Benchmark hit the water after an extensive renovation.
Recent information would suggest she is the yacht Mavic that was built by Les Steel in 1941. A well travelled yacht originating in Lake Macquarie with a spell in WA and then Sydney before ending up in San Diego where she underwent an extensive renovation.

March 2010 the first chance to talk shop at the Sydney Yacht Squadron since the ASQMA conception.  The following day would involve a great day of sailing in the RANSA Regatta with the return of Wings on Sydney Harbour.

April 2010
Larool is hauled out for her extensive renovation which would reveal what a true treasure she really is..

The influx of photos from times gone by at the height of SQM activity on Sydney Harbour and in Perth.

Above is  Teal in Fine form from the
Geddes collection.

The yacht Classic sailing on Sydney Harbour from the Hutcherson collection.

Joyous sailing in Perth in 1974.

big highlight of the year with plenty of eye candy, great company, and a fair breeze on the sun drenched waters of Sydney Harbour was the SASC Classic Rally.
Three 30 SQM yachts and one 75 SQM attended along with a nice fleet of classics.
Great company with SQM skippers and enthusiasts flying in from overseas and interstate. A well rounded day with 30sqm Scarlett O'hara taking the line honors.

Above : Fagel Grip in fine form not long after her extensive renovation.

Above : Scarlett O'hara looking very sharp and performing as well as she looks.

Above : Wings stretches the wrinkles out her sails in preparation for the start.

Above : Fagel Grip eyes up the competition.

Above : Fedelis gets of to a good start.

Above : Manfred doing a good nautical pose on Wings.

Above : A well deserved victory for the crew of Scarlett O'hara.

June 2010

We received some photos from Bill Ewing regarding Typhoon in Queensland.

July 2010 brings out some nice surprises with these two fine examples of trophies.

A 1938 Silver model of Teal with the inscription.

To John Hopcraft
in memory of "Teal"
champion of the 30 square metre class 1938
25 firsts, 7 seconds, 4 thirds
from the amateur crew who, although disgracefully bullied,
had a most enjoyable season.

The NSW Championships Trophy

August 2010

Zepyhrus finds herself raised from the bottom.

Above : This is her after the event with her hull repaired and painted.

September 2010

A big month with Larool finished and refloated.

Above : Larool moves down the slip at 8:30am

A sight to behold she is spellbinding to look at.

Above : The testing of her electric inboard is a great success.

November 2010

The Swan river Retro Series is in full swing..

December 2010

The 50sqm Plym is docked at CYCA I had to mop up the puddle on the walk way next to her. From all the drooling. A fantastic finish to a good year and it's good to know we can do it all again this year!!

From the archives

This month on the..

24th of January 1938

16th of January 1950

21st of January 1950 Zephyrus for sale.

26th of January 1950

Video of the month.

The 100 year regatta in Stockholm

Next Month we get back to the story of Fagel Grip
Untill then have a good holiday season.