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Australian square metre association

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With the summer sailing season over some yachts go into hibernation.
Our website will do the same in Winter with update bimonthly instead of monthly.
Thank you for your support and we hope this will be enough to satisfy the metre yacht  itch.

This Month...
Classic Yacht Rally
Reflections on the Skipper Alfred Paton

Classic Yacht Rally

Another wonderful day on the water

Wings at the SASC yacht club in fine trim ready for the rally.

We were 1st...
in our minds as our navigation was a little off rounding a mark the wrong way.
A pleasent day on the water and a good way to finish the season.
The real official first place belonged to the 8 metre yacht Erica J.

Erica J to port of Josephine

Reflections on the Skipper Alfred Paton Pt2

The 1960s period...

More to come From the Alfred Paton Collection next month.