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RANASA Regatta
Larool is out and about
Yacht racing on Sydney harbour
Revisiting Fagel Grip
From the archives.
Video of the month RANSA Regattas on Wings.

RANSA Regatta

Another good day on the water with a fleet of 70 or so yachts.
In attendance Scarlett O'hara and Wings.
Wind conditions were good with a 10 knot breeze for most of the time on the water.
Wings sailed in Div one with a good handicap and lead for the first few legs up to Manly before being becalmed at the heads we she lost the lead and continued to drop places as the fleet separated to find better wind. Scarlett O'hara worked her way through the fleet and secured a respectable 3rd. Wings came 8th. A few mishaps occurred on the water.
One instance were I was sailing to windward on Starboard and the port boat on a reach wasn't giving way.  Cheeky bugger I thought. Starboard!! In then end I climbed above her and then noticed why she didn't alter course. A big hole in her windward side that
 reached the waterline! All in all the event was most enjoyable with good company and a lots to talk about after the race.  Video onboard Wings at the bottom of the page.

Wings on the RANSA dock.

The fun crew on Wings..

The Start boat...!

So to the other SQM Skippers where were you?

Just a heads up the next big event for the Sydney yachts is the SASC Classic rally for metre yachts on the 30th of April. Contact the SASC early if you are interested so they can send you an invite.

Larool Is Out And About.

With larool recently restored she has been spotted around Sydney Harbour from time to time. Recently  she undertook an overnight trip to Bantry Bay.
Tjek Dussedorp was kind enough to share his fantastic story and photos with us.
I have also added his comments below each photo.

Anchored for the night in the far reaches of Middle Harbour

The only way ashore is via dinghy

An evening hike in the national park before turning in

"Larool" means 'laughing kookaburra' in the aboriginal language and this little fella was waiting for us when we returned from our walk

And what a surprise! He flew out to join us on the boat.

And there he waited...

And waited...

Until finally I got the hint, and as quick as a flash he got his reward.

It's now time to turn in and convert the cabin.

Night Falls...

And he is back for more...

A beautiful still night, and waking to 'clearing showers' and some further surprises...

During weekdays the Spit Bridge only opens a couple of times a day so once the light turns green we are ready to head back into the main harbour.

The surprise!
Theoretically 'sailing boats' have right of way over 'motor boats'

I don't think I'll push my luck...

It's all blue sky! A perfect summer's day in Sydney and it's hard not to smile as Larool heads back to her mooring.

Yacht Racing On Sydney Harbour.

A few good photos of Scarlett O'hara racing out of RANSA and some lovely shots of Fagel Grip at the last Balmain Regatta.

Below : Scarlet O'hara

And Fagel Grip in fine form for the Balmain Regatta.

Revisiting Fagel Grip Pt5

The Incident...

With Fagel Grip complete she was relocated back to her mooring and resumes her racing with the Balmain Sailing Club.

2 weeks later she suffers a hit from another yacht and loses her new stern,.!

A blessing in disguise perhaps? Without the stern extension and extra bulkhead she might be sitting on the bottom of the harbour.

Love the new label

New and improved stern is fitted.

She returns to the water to race again and race well I might add.

From the archives

This month on the..

13th of March 1946

Video of the month.

Wings ironing out the cobwebs for the RANSA Regatta.
A fine hot day with a good breeze when it was blowing..