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Happy new year to you all....!
My apologies for the lack of updates but its no excuse but too much sailing and leisure time at the yacht clubs has kept me occupied.
That's where I am now with a view of Scarlett O'hara

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Citations & Bonmots
RANSA Regatta 2012.
The Thirty Squares in West Australia.
Around the yards.
From the archives...

Citations & Bonmots

“Let me start with the fact , that a square metre yacht is the best and most beautiful yacht
- that the world has ever caught sight of”
(Per Thelander – Naval Architect)

“I would prefer to break my pencil in two – to give myself to bring such ugly and unbalanced lines to paper”
(Knud Reimers – Naval Architect in view of a short keel production line yacht)

“Sailing a square metre in fresh conditions is the most stylish way getting wet”
(Erdman Braschos – Owner)

“Greyhounds on the Water”
(Newspaper head line)

“Ongoing Renaissance of Sailing”
(Brochure Headline)

“A Square Metre – one of the most beautiful connection between wind and water”
(Brochure Headline)

“Beauties hovering over the Water”
(Erdman Braschos – Owner)

“The Most Beautiful Yacht is a 3o Square Metre.
Buy one for your daughter or son – the most beautiful yacht in the world”
(Advertising in yachting magazine 1931)

....../.... to be continued

RANSA Regatta 2012

Sailed out on Sydney harbour this month with 3 square metre yachts on the water.
Fagel Grip, Scarlett O'hara and Wings. Wings however was just stretching her sails as she is waiting on survey report to renew her race insurance. She did however get the opportunity to sail alongside Fagel Grip....

The chase was on...

Fantastic day on the water....!

Scarlett powers down the course at the head of the fleet..

Wings back at the club.

All in all a great day on the water.

The Thirty Squares in West Australia.

BACCHANTE (in picture) had ISAF 2011 celebrities and sailing entities on board in December 2011 preceding the Olympic Games selection
World championships held in Fremantle/Perth earlier this season:
John (Jonno) Roberson international yachting journalist fame, Dr Ed Fethers radio journalist and yachting events commentator.
Steve Ward the local boat builder with Americas Cup yachts fame amongst other multiple yacht successes who helms BACCHANTE
as a regular - enjoyed a twilight on the Swan River.

The local square metre yachts feature in the Swan River Retro Yacht Series and other Wooden Boat and Classic yacht regattas.
BACCHANTE won the South of Perth Yacht Club Wooden Boat Regatta against a prominent fleet of H 28’s and the classic
Recently overhauled ACROSPIRE.

The LADY IN RED a overhaul coming up, FLAME the 22 sqm is still in renovations and JOYOUS – 30 sqm and SUE ANN – 22 sqm
show their colours at Royal Perth Yacht Club races at times.

BACCHANTE has her 75 birthday coming up in November 2012 and celebration preparations are under way

Around the yards

Wings gets her bum and topsides touched up with fresh paint.

Ran into Fidelis moored off the dockyard.

Not much to report but a Square metre yacht always stands out in boat yard...

Couldn't take her home yet.. I had to take her for overnight stay in the next bay....

From the archives...

January 1938..

January 1938

January 1950...

February 1947...

March 1946...